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Protect Pets in New York State

Tell NY Legislators to VOTE NO on New York’s Pet Sale Ban to protect the rights of pets and pet owners
 It is important that consumers have the ability to consider safe, humane and fully regulated sources for pets. A pet sale ban will harm highly-regulated pet stores, eliminate the most transparent source of pets that provides purchasers with legal protections, and drive prospective pet owners to unregulated, unlicensed and potentially unscrupulous pet-sellers.

A ban will not stop bad breeders. In fact, it will boost the black market for pets, where bad breeders who don’t adhere to care standards can sell puppies with diseases or genetic defects, and families are left with huge bills and without the legal recourse of a warranty. Without pet stores, the options for future pet owners seeking a specific breed due to common circumstances like allergies, the presence of small children or space concerns, will be severely limited and they could have no choice but to turn to a fraudulent pet seller.

 Pet stores are a valuable and transparent option for prospective pet owners that provide the opportunity for families to personally interact with and choose a pet that will be the best fit for their circumstances from a regulated source that in many cases offers legal protections such as purchase warranties. 

Tell NY Legislators to VOTE NO on A.6298-A/S.4234-A


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