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Protect pets & pet-choice in Cambridge, MA

It could be illegal for people in Cambridge to get a common pet at a pet store.
Act now to protect pet choice, consumer freedoms and local business!
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Zero-tolerance for Bad Breeders

VOTE NO on CA AB 485 & support legislation providing proper oversight of the sources of pets
Preserve pet-choice and protect animals at the same time in California
Everyone who cares about the welfare of animals has zero-tolerance for bad breeders. But proposed legislation to ban the sale of pets in various jurisdictions across the United States will not solve the problems of bad breeders–it only makes it illegal for you to buy the pet of your choice from a local store.
Tell CA Legislators VOTE NO on AB 485 before May 17 vote


The Truth about pet stores,
Pet stores not the problem

It’s easy to blame pet stores. But when you look at the facts, pet stores are not the problem.
Pet stores are part of the solution

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URGENT: Say YES to pets, Ask Legislators to VOTE NO on CA AB 485

There is little time to act.

Please click on a link to email legislators on the Appropriations Committee immediately, asking they OPPOSE AB 485. A vote on this bill will occur on May 17.

  1. Send emails NOW supporting California’s responsible pet stores to the Appropriations Committee.
  2. Contact EVERYONE you know in California or in the pet trade and urge them to send emails to these California legislators. The more that lawmakers realize how many people oppose this bad bill, and why, the better chance we have to make sure it is stopped in its tracks.