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Protect pets & pet-choice in Cambridge, MA

It could be illegal for people in Cambridge to get a common pet at a pet store.
Act now to protect pet choice, consumer freedoms and local business!
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Zero-tolerance for Bad Breeders

Support legislation providing proper oversight of the sources of pets
Preserve pet-choice and protect animals at the same time
Everyone who cares about the welfare of animals has zero-tolerance for bad breeders. But proposed legislation to ban the sale of pets in various jurisdictions across the United States will not solve the problems of bad breeders–it only makes it illegal for you to buy the pet of your choice from a local store.
Find out what's going on in New Jersey


The Truth about pet stores,
Pet stores not the problem

It’s easy to blame pet stores. But when you look at the facts, pet stores are not the problem.
Pet stores are part of the solution

Latest News

NEW: New Jersey poised to act on NJ S 63, sponsor wants to bring up for vote week of June 28, 2016


There is little time to act.

The sponsor wants to bring the bill up for a vote this week, no matter what. Contact leaders in the New Jersey Senate and ask that they withhold this bill from a final vote until it can be amended to protect pets, consumers and local businesses.

PLEASE NOTE: Members of the public are encouraged to speak out! Ask the members of the New Jersey Senate to withhold S-63 from a vote until it can be discussed and improved.