Say YES to Pet Choice, Illinois Stakeholders and Illinois Residents: Tell lawmakers to VOTE NO on HB 1711 and NO to any ban in Aurora

Lawmakers in Illinois have introduced two bills that place the future of Illinois’ pet stores in jeopardy and limits the rights of all prospective pet owners. The City of Aurora is also considering whether to institute a ban on the retail sale of pets.

What’s at stake:

Legislation currently being considered in Illinois — HB1711and SB1709 — bans the regulated, retail sale of purebred puppies and kittens by retail pet stores in Illinois in favor of only allowing those stores to offer dogs and cats from shelters and rescue facilities to Illinoisans. The bill as written will limit consumer choice by making it illegal for pet stores to sell purebred dogs and cats sourced from its current USDA-regulated breeders that are required to meet the standards set forth in Illinois’ recent Safe Pets Bill. In addition, the city of Aurora has had several Rules, Administration, and Procedure Committee meetings to discuss the issue of retail pet sales and, may recommend to the full City Council to adopt a pet sale ban.

What You Can Do:

Use the forms below to contact your state legislator and tell them to VOTE NO on HB 1711 & SB 1709.

Use the form below to contact Alderpersons in Aurora, tell them that banning the retail sale of pets is not the answer!