New York

Say YES to Pet Choice,
Tell Your Legislators to VOTE NO on S.1130/A.4283

Lawmakers in Albany have introduced a bill that places the future of New York’s pet stores in jeopardy and limits the rights of all prospective pet owners.

What’s at stake:

Legislation currently being considered in Albany — S.1130 (Gianaris)/A.4283 (Rosenthal) — would prohibit the sales of puppies, kittens and bunnies in pet stores across New York State, and fundamentally alter how highly-regulated pet stores conduct business in our state.

The fact is that New York pet stores and the licensed breeders they work with are a highly-regulated, best-in-class source of pets that are inspected regularly, provide veterinary exams, and keep detailed records of the condition and care of their animals. These are not the pet sources that should be targeted by a ban.

We all agree that bad breeders need to be shut down, but this misguided bill will do nothing to stop them. A pet sale ban will only force responsible and highly-regulated local pet stores to close their doors and lay off hardworking New Yorkers, while boosting the black market for pets. Families who are seeking a specific breed of dog due to various circumstances such as allergies will be driven to unlicensed and unregulated pet sources where they could fall victim to unscrupulous sellers.

To learn more, read this recent Op-Ed on why banning pet stores is the wrong approach for New York.

What You Can Do:

Use the form below to contact your state legislator and tell them to VOTE NO on S.1130/A.4283.

  • And spread the word! Share on Facebook and Twitter why pets need to be protected and bad breeders – not pet stores – need to be targeted, and tell your friends and family to get involved. The more people that speak out about how this legislation punishes responsible pet stores and removes important legal protections for pets and pet owners, the better chance we have to stop it and urge lawmakers to focus on improving and enforcing laws and regulations that target the real problem – bad breeders who mistreat animals.