The Truth About Pet Stores

Pet stores are not the problem

It’s easy to blame pet stores for the problems caused by bad breeders. But when you look at the facts, pet stores are not the problem.

Everyone who cares about the welfare of animals has a zero-tolerance policy for bad breeders–and that includes the public and pet retailers. Shutting down heavily-regulated pet stores will do nothing to help the welfare of animals.

In fact, making it illegal to buy a pet at a pet store would open the gateway for unregulated, underground sellers.

Pet stores are part of the solution:

Pet stores are part of the solution and offer consumers:

  • choice in finding the perfect pet for their lifestyle
  • assurance of healthy, well-socialized pets from reputable breeders
  • protection through pet warranties on all dogs and cats
  • education on choosing the right pet
  • the highest standards of care for your future pets

Let’s stop bad, out-of-state breeders, not limit consumer freedoms and put pet stores out of business–pet stores with dedicated, caring, and knowledgeable staff who ensure the health and welfare of animals in their care and provide families with pets.

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